A few years ago, I joined Facebook as a way of keeping in touch with friends in Canada and the UK.  However, I never enjoyed using it.  I found it complicated and time wasting.  I left months ago, and haven’t regretted doing so.  I’m using the time I saved to write a novel.

I’ve recently discovered that a Google search against my name produces a public Facebook Profile page with ProfileEngine.com that gives all my Facebook information.  I don’t remember ever signing up for this. On the contrary, I thought I’d set Facebook to the highest possible privacy settings.

I’ve just tried to delete the Profile page, and in the process I’ve reactivated my Facebook account, which I had not intended to do.  I still cannot delete the ProfileEngine page.

I hate Facebook.  I hereby vow never, ever to join another social networking site, even to hype my novel.  Facebook is like herpes, irritating and impossible to get rid of (yes this post did originally read that I hoped Mark Zuckerberg got herpes, but I’ve calmed down now).

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  1. Evan said

    Basically if your profile was searchable as far back as 2007, they were able to use software to grab what public information they wanted. I have since removed my profile from Google and other search engines (only recently). Really it is a snapshot of your profile at a certain time. Reading through their website info, I tried to summarize as best I could. I am not sure what to do as well since the info was technically public domain at the time….

  2. Mira said

    Thank-you. In fact, I think I’ve finally succeeded in deleting the profile.com page, and I’ve also scheduled my Facebook page to be completely deleted. Profile.com showed me how to delete the page, and maintain I must have consented to my information being used in the first place. I certainly would not have done so deliberately, so as far as I’m concerned, that just confirms the dangers of Facebook.

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