Equal before the law?

Compare and contrast:

From This is Staffordshire July 2011:

“MOTHER-OF-FIVE Teresa Brain has been jailed after illegally pocketing more than £55,000 in benefits. The 36-year-old claimed income support and housing and council tax benefit for almost six years after claiming she lived alone. But Brain failed to tell the authorities that her partner Paul Walker was living with her for most of that time. It led to her being overpaid £47,261 in income support and £8,301 in housing and council tax benefit between January 2003 and October 2008 – a total of £55,562…….”

“Robert Smith, mitigating, said Brain has five children aged 19 to a 10-week-old baby.

He said Brain was remorseful and a prison sentence would have a “devastating” effect on Brain and her family, particularly her baby. One of her children has severe learning difficulties. Brain has also suffered health problems, including two heart attacks.

But Judge Paul Glenn rejected calls for a suspended prison sentence and jailed Brain for four months.”

From today’s Guardian:

“Margaret Moran, former Labour MP for Luton South, received more than £53,000 in fraudulent expenses, a jury has found, despite her being mentally unfit to stand trial…..”

“She will not face a criminal conviction but may be subject to a supervision order, a hospital order or absolute discharge, where no further action is taken against her…..”

“Moran was ruled unfit to plead after psychiatric reports submitted to the court said she was suffering from severe depressive mental illness and extreme anxiety and agitation. Far from the “exuberant personality” she once was, she latterly spent her days “walking the dog, doing some cooking and watching TV”, consultant psychiatrist Philip Joseph told a fitness to plead hearing in April held at Lewes crown court.”

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